Mind of a Scientist

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Meet scientists and engineers in their native habitats...

...the lab and/or the field.

Mind of a Scientist is an opportunity for high school students--and science lovers of all ages--to experience a day in the life of a scientist.

Check out the videos below, or on our YouTube playlist, to get inspired about various careers in STEM. Each complete episode is accompanied by short highlight videos that offer a quick glimpse into the plethora of fields and topics that you can study about or even enjoy as a career! If you have any questions, please contact young adult services librarian, Rosalie Abbott, for more information.


See below for a list of previous episodes, highlight videos, and corresponding exercises!



Episode 1: Hannah Salafia
Sonoma Water Agency

Episode 2: Alejandro Angulo
Dow Development Laboratories, LLC

Episode 3: Dr. Daniel Soto
Sonoma State University

Episode 4: Dr. Beth Rowan
UC Davis Genome Center

Episode 5: Brandon Postlethwaite
Keysight Technologies

Episode 6: Geoff Orth

Episode 7: Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Episode 8: Dan Ovadya, Calgene, Inc.

Episode 9: Dr. Pamela Ronald
American Plant Pathologist & Geneticist, UC Davis

Episode 10: Maile Arnold
Horticulturalist & Biochemist

Episode 11: Rad Sommer
Optical Engineer & Bodega Bay Marine Lab Experiments

Episode 12: Dan Ferlito
Citizen Scientist

Episode 13: Katherine Wentz, Climate Scientist

Episode 14: Amy Laverdiere

Episode 15: Dr. Steven Farmer

Episode 16: Shawn Boye, Data Scientist

Episode 17: Shelly Spriggs
Wildlife Program Manager

Episode 18: Sophia Grubb and Dyanna Stetina
Environmental Engineering in Sonoma County

Episode 19: Zach Tolby
National Weather Service

Episode 20: Randall Osterhuber
Snow Scientist & Avalanche Forecaster

Episode 21: Devon Price
Software Engineer & Web Developer

Episode 22: Anne Crealock
Sonoma Water

Episode 23: Steve McKagen
Coral Reefs

Episode 24: Dr. Randy Morgenstein

Episode 25: Nick Meyers & Casey Glaubman
Avalanche Forecasting and Mountain Rescue

Episode 26: Dr. Glenn Brassington
In Pursuit of Peak Performance

Episode 27: Alex Katz
Roblox software engineer

Episode 28: Joan Schwan
Vegetation Ecologist

Episode 29: Jacob Aman
Test Engineer

Episode 30: Mia Ludlow
Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Episode 31: Liz Martins & Kate Remsen
Audubon Canyon Ranch's mountain lion research

Episode 32: Tatjana Ellis
Integrating Computer & Marine Sciences

Episode 33: Sabrina Manna and Chloe Ghent
Research at UC San Francisco

Episode 34: Balm Krueger
The Making of Wine

Episode 35: Ami Lyons
The Science of Exercise

Episode 36: Joel Bradshaw
Computer Science

Episode 37: Morris Brink
Cannabis Industry

Episode 38: Joe Szuecs
Being a Maker

Episode 39: Hattie Brown
Natural Resource Management


Our primary goals:

To inspire and spread the love & curiosity of science among west county teens. To help students learn about various scientific disciplines with lessons, fun & interesting interactive experiments & activities, and hands-on/project-based educational experiences. We will also be highlighting a day in the life of a local science professional--offering insight into career opportunities.

To offer opportunities for teens to connect and engage with the world of science--so that they may see how it is interwoven within the fabric of our everyday experiences. Igniting the interest and imaginations of high school students. Benefits range from students learning one (or hopefully more!) new concept to a student who is motivated to dedicate their life to working in a science-based career or supporting causes with a scientific foundation.

This is a collaboration between Orchard View School Science Faculty member, Milo Mitchel, the Sebastopol Library/Sonoma County Library, and Shasta Public Libraries. For more information, contact Young Adult Services Librarian Rosalie Abbott: rabbott@sonomalibrary.org

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