Host a Library Card Drive at Your School

The library has a wealth of tools and services that support educators and students throughout the school year. Help children improve in school and continue learning throughout their lives by encouraging them to read and use the library.

Want to ensure all your students have library cards? Here’s how:

  1. Download the bilingual library card application for your students.
  2. Send a library card application home with each student.
    Give students a deadline to return applications to school. Forms should be filled out with the student's name and information (not a parent’s) and signed by a parent or guardian.
  3. Verify the student’s information on each application.
    Check the returned applications for accuracy and legibility before returning them to the library.
  4. Call or email your local library and let them know you have a set of library card applications.
    Arrange to deliver the applications to your library or schedule a time for a librarian to come pick them up.
  5. Schedule a return visit.
    Within a couple of weeks, your local librarian will arrange to bring the new library cards to your school. It's a great opportunity to meet your librarian and ask them to share the joy of reading with your class.

Why Encourage Students to Have a Library Card?

  • Children who read succeed! Regular library use helps create strong readers and prepares students to succeed in school and throughout life.
  • Reading is an essential skill for all students because literacy is embedded in all parts of the educational system. The more children read, the better their fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • There is a direct correlation between the reading materials available to a child and standardized test scores. The more reading materials a child has, the more successful they will be in their educational pursuits.
  • A library card is a critical first step in becoming a lifelong library user, offering full access to a range of services within the library and online.