Get a Library Card

A Sonoma County Library card is your free ticket to amazing resources. Come into any branch to get your free library card or create a temporary eCard.

Get a Library Card

Types of Library Cards

  • General Cards: If you don't already have a library card, now is the time to get one! Come to any Sonoma County Library location to sign up for a general library card. All applicants must be present to get a library card. Proof of address is not required. For more information, visit any Sonoma County Library branch or click here.
  • Limited Use Cards: Limited Use Cards are available for adults who live out of state and are just visiting Sonoma County, or for youth under 18 without the approval of a parent/guardian. These cards allow the user to borrow up to 4 items at a time and use other library resources. Adults need to provide a photo ID when applying for this card.
  • eCards: eCards are temporary cards that can be created online. eCards can be used for borrowing and using electronic resources. These cards automatically expire after 120 days. eCard users can convert their eCard to a general library card by visiting a library branch. Sign up for a library eCard.
  • Agency Cards: Government agencies and private entities may be issued Agency Card accounts in order to provide library resources to affiliated individuals who are dependent on the organization. To apply for an Agency Card, applicants must present a letter requesting issuance of the card presented on official letterhead, and signed by a legal representative who can accept financial responsibility for items borrowed on the card.
  • Educator Cards: Educator Cards are available for teachers and other educators who work for institutions and facilities that educate or care for children in Sonoma County. Educator Cards are intended to benefit the students. Applicants must present a photo ID as well as one of the following documents to verify educator status:
    • School ID badge
    • Contract or letter confirming employment
    • Pay information from educational institution
    • Home school certificate
    • For more information, click here.

There is No Charge for Library Use

Adults are financially responsible for all materials borrowed via their library cards until the materials have been returned. Parents or guardians who provide a signature for minors are financially responsible for all materials borrowed on their minors’ general library cards until the materials have been returned.

A general library card allows the cardholder to:

  • Check out up to 100 library materials at a time
  • Request an item from another library
  • Check out eBooks, eAudiobooks, and other electronic resources
  • Use library computers
  • Use library databases and online research tools
  • Access their library account online

Adults (18+) Must Provide a Photo ID

Options are:

  • State Driver’s License or ID Card
  • Passport
  • Green Card or Permanent Resident Card
  • School-Issued ID
  • Tribal ID
  • Military ID
  • Matrícula Consular ID
  • Law Enforcement-Issued ID
  • Other Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Other credible photo ID, such as bank card, credit card, check cashing card, transit card or membership card
  • Other identification as approved by library staff in charge

Children/youth under age 18 need the approval of a parent or guardian. Library staff do not monitor or restrict minors’ use or borrowing of library materials.

For full details, please see the library’s Library Cards and Borrowing Policy.