Get a FREE One-To-One Adult Learning Partner (Tutor)

Call (707) 544-2622 or email: to get started. Our Adult Literacy & English Language Office can support communications in English and Spanish. We are open Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Listen to an adult learner share his experience:

Please call or email us Monday-Friday to get started: (707) 544-2622 and

Who can get a Tutor?

  • An Adult (over 18 years)
  • Potential Learners MUST ask for services for themselves
  • We help English speaking adults who want to improve basic reading and writing skills. We help those that cannot read or who read below an 8th grade level
  • We help adults who speak languages other than English, who want to learn English or improve their English speaking and understanding skills
  • We cannot serve adults who speak NO English at all, and we do not serve adults who already have high-intermediate English speaking, reading or writing skills. We schedule an interview assessment to determine if we are the right program match for potential adult learners

How does it work?

  • Potential adult learners call (707) 544-2622 or email: to ask for services for themselves
  • We will talk directly with potential learners about their goals and needs
  • We schedule an interview assessment to find out if we are the right program to serve your needs
  • After assessment, potential learners are either enrolled in our programs or referred to other community resources to meet their needs
  • If you are enrolled in one of our programs, we look for a one-to-one learning partner/tutor who will work with you 2-3 hours a week at your local library
  • There may be a wait time of several months before a tutor match can be found. Matching waitlist times can be shared at the time of your assessment or over the phone when you call us
  • Learners must be in good communication by phone with the literacy office and with their learning partner/tutor once they are matched
  • Learners must meet weekly with their tutor for 2-3 hours at their local library
  • Learners and Tutors commit to 6 months of working with their learning partner