Self-Service Laptop Kiosks

The entire library is your computer lab

Self-service laptop kiosks are available for in-library use at our Central Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Northwest Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rincon Valley, Rohnert Park-Cotati, Sebastopol, Sonoma Valley, and Windsor branches. Each kiosk holds 12 full-featured laptops and offers you a flexible option for going online anywhere inside the library.

In addition to providing internet access on self-service laptops, each branch has additional features:

Central Santa Rosa: Specifically configured laptops for use with E Street Studios programming, including audio/video editing software for content creators.

Healdsburg, Northwest Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rincon Valley, Rohnert Park-Cotati, Sebastopol, Sonoma Valley, and Windsor: Laptops include standard public PC software including Microsoft Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to checkout a laptop?
    Any Sonoma County Library patron over 13 years old with a valid library card and less than $100 in fees can checkout a laptop.
  • How can I borrow a kiosk device?
    Follow the on-screen instructions on the kiosk in English or Spanish. These instructions include reading and accepting the Kiosk Device Terms of Use.
  • How long can I borrow a laptop?
    The time limit is two hours.
  • Can I extend the time on my checkout session?
    The time limit is two hours per patron per day.
  • Can I print from a laptop?
    Yes, you can print to the library copy machine in the same way as the public PCs.
  • Do I have to sign a kiosk device use form?
    No signature is required but you must read and accept the Kiosk Device Terms of Use each time you borrow a laptop.
  • Do you restrict where I can take the laptop?
    The laptops are for library use only and cannot be taken out of the library building.
  • Is there a checkout receipt?
    Once the laptop ejects from the slot, a receipt will automatically be sent to your email. The subject line will show, “Laptop Checkout Receipt” and the receipt will include your library card number, the location of the kiosk, and the date/time of checkout.
  • What do I do if the laptop is not functioning properly when I first borrow it?
    First, notify staff. Then, return the laptop to the kiosk. Please choose the on-screen option that describes the problem you had, then check out another device if available.
  • What happens if I lose or damage the laptop?
    You are responsible for the loss or damage up to the total cost of the laptop per the Kiosk Device Terms of Use you accepted when borrowing it.
  • Why can’t I borrow a laptop someone else just returned?
    The kiosk needs a little time to delete the previous patron’s data and recharge the battery. This takes six minutes and during that time the laptop cannot be borrowed.
  • Why are some of the laptops not available?
    A laptop cannot be borrowed while it is in charging mode or if it was reported damaged. Charging laptops will show up as yellow on the kiosk screen. Damaged laptops will show up as yellow with a wrench icon. Damaged devices will be repaired and replaced as soon as possible.
  • How do I connect to the wireless network?
    Log in to the laptop right after you borrow it, and the device will automatically connect to the Sonoma County Library wireless network.
  • When I return the device, what happens to any data I have left on it?
    Laptops are wiped clean after each use, to protect your privacy.
  • What if I get a virus?
    All laptops are 100% virus-free when you borrow them. If you get a virus while using the laptop, a simple reboot will remove it. NOTE: Save your work to an external storage device first.
  • Can I store data on the drive temporarily?
    Yes, but we recommend you use an external storage device (like a flash drive) and save your work there. If the laptop reboots at any time during your borrowing time, all data is wiped out.

Kiosk Device Terms of Use

  • I agree to use the laptop in accordance with the Safe Library Use Policy.
  • I agree to take proper care of the laptop.
  • I understand that I am financially responsible for the loss of or damage to the laptop ($1,000 or more).
  • I agree to alert staff immediately if I experience a problem with the laptop.
  • I agree to keep the laptop with me for the entire time I am using it.
  • I agree to not let anyone else use the laptop.
  • I agree to return the device to the kiosk when my time of use is up.
  • I understand that the laptop can only be used within the library and cannot be taken outside the library.
  • I understand that the laptop can be used for up to two hours, per session.
  • I understand that documents or other work created must be saved to an external storage device such as a flash drive or cloud storage.
  • I understand that all files and downloads will be deleted when the laptop is rebooted.
  • I have read and agree to abide by the Laptop Terms of Use.